Etude No. 62 in E flat major


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Etude for the left hand: to learn how to sing by crossing hands on the right.

Almost all the exercisescontained in the first part of this book are in unison, in order to give the student the means to make the natural weakness of the left hand towrods the right hand. The perseverance of the work will make him overcome this barrier, as for the speed, the ernegy, and, in a word, all that composes the brilliance of the performance, and his left hand will be able to equal the right. But it would be a good thing if she acquired the same sensitivity and delicacy to express the colours of the melody. This difficulty increases even more if the singing part made by the left hand is crossed over the right; so care is taken not to compose very developed songs. The following Etude provides an example. Nevertheless, the left hand must support its melody with as much width as possible; and for that, we must be careful not to hurry it. His phrasing even admits that it is sometimes late on the right hand, which must continue to keep exactly the beat; but this slowing of the melody, far from having anything excessive, must be, in a way, only pointed, so that the ear still desires it when it enjoys it. The drums of the right hand will be joined so that the harmony is melted, and all the notes of a perfect equality between them. (H. de Montgeroult)

(Bruno Robillard – 2006)


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