Etude No. 104 in g sharp minor


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« For the difficulty of the key in a agitated motion »

Etude for both hands for the difficulty of key in a restless motion.

The main difficulty of this piece is not that of the key, but actually to give it such an agitation that each sentence seems accelerated, although the primitive motion remains the same. The pitfall to avoid in the performance of any kind of music, and especially in that of short sentences, is the expression of the single note which always essentially harms the expression of the sentence. If a mechanical means can overcome this tendency, we will indicate as one of the best one to have in mind the whole sentence at the very moment we begin it. This process alone will necessarily give the performance, in this Etude, the acceleration that the character of the music indicates. (H. de Montgeroult)

(Bruno Robillard – 2006)

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