Etude No. 37 in G major


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« The melted notes »

Etude for the left hand: to learn to handle the blended notes in the upper part.

It is necessary to have already acquired much habit of the keyboard, so that the part made by one hand, inserted in that of the other, does not disturb the performer, even if the piece provides only this difficulty. The dexterity required in the left hand by these notes thrown into the drums by the right hand must be such that these notes seem to belong to these drums; also this hand must stand close to the right, without nevertheless pushing it, so as not to hinder their motion. The student will only play this piece PRESTO by reaching it by degrees. The strict observance of the measure will be for him a safe guide of the speed at which he will be able to achieve it without affecting its execution. (H. de Montgeroult)

(Edna Stern – 2017)

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