Varied theme in the modern style


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After having given three Varied Themes in the style of the ancient composers and in particular in that of HANDEL, we think it useful to make the student feel the differences that the style and the modern turns introduced in the music, by a piece which can however be classified in a similar genre, but whose execution must present the same differences which exist in the composition. The first themes of a simpler character lend themselves less to fine and delicate nuances. They must be played widely, roundly and firmly. The latter generally admit a graceful expression, and even what can be called kindness, or an expression that is part of the sung romance, or finally all the brilliance and speed that the student can put into it. He will find unity in the varied theme according to these various characters, and he will endeavour to return them, preserving the perfection of mechanism of which he could contract the habit in this work. (H. de Montgeroult)

(Edna Stern – 2017)

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