Etude No. 60 in a minor


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Etude for both hands: to swing them with perfect balance.

This Etude has two movements. The GRAVE, which is in the genre of the ancient music, must be played with a sustained feel that will give the piece the character of gravity it contains; but it should not be confused with weight, which would result from a less delicate touch, and would put exaggeration in the place of natural. The proper performance of the VIVACE will consist in a perfect balance between the two hands, by the regularity of their motion. The first way to get it is that both hands hold exactly every note for its full value, which is difficult when, as in this piece, they both make double notes, and they often have to move around. It is necessary, so to speak, to slide the fingers on the keys, so that the movements of the two hands do not make any break, and that all the parts are equally bound. (H. de Montgeroult)


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