Etude No. 19 in F major


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in the Bach style

Etude for both hands: to take a first notion of hashed beats.

The difficulty of hashed beats is not one of the greatest of the piano but, nevertheless, it requires, in relation to the mechanism, a perfect tuning between the two hands; flexibility in all movements; and the exact observation of the motion. Under that of expression, it is necessary to know how to proportion it to the character of the piece, by avoiding the exaggeration to which this kind of line lends itself. The following study is intended to help the student overcome these initial embarrassments. He will play the right hand part according to the principles we have given for the drums. The thumb will carefully hold the first note during its value, and the little finger will not leave its own until after the finished drums. The left hand will make itself a point of support of the little finger, and will touch the second note so that the vibration lasts during all its value; it is necessary to avoid the hardness, and the large movements of the hand there. The two parts must be very close, and follow each other as if only one hand was playing them. (H. de Montgeroult)

(Bruno Robillard – 2006)

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