Etude No. 28 in E major


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to be sung

Etude for the right hand: to play a melody that carries his accompaniment with the same hand.

When the same hand performs both a melody and its accompaniment, it is necessary to put such a harmony in its movements, that the melody is perfectly heard, that it does not lose any of its subtleties, and yet, that the accompaniment follows its march as independently as if it were played by the other hand. The whole effect of such pieces therefore depends on the art with which they are sung. The student could start by reading it with his eyes to know its character and development; but he would have a more useful means to use: it would be to sing with the upper part, indicated by the crotchets who compose the melody, playing only the bass part on the piano; then, finally, to try to imitate with the right hand the various inflections that his voice would have produced. It is implied that the student should have, either by natural or acquired taste, some notions of vocalization. This kind of work would have in a few years the best results. The fingers which, in this study, touch the singing notes, must not leave them, so that they are very linked. (H. de Montgeroult)

(Edna Stern – 2017)

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