Fantaisia in g minor


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A FANTAISIA or CAPRICCIO is really a written improvisation that is subject to rules other than those inspired by the genius and taste of the composer. Fantasias can embrace all the styles, all the genres, all the features that imagination would make invent; it is enough to say that by prescribing oneself to give only one in this work, one has been limited by taste, which forbids introducing in the same piece too large a melting of diverse genres. The variety we can put into it must be none other than the one whose nature itself gives us the model in successive shades of the same feeling. Sometimes he shows himself dark and agitated; other times he is pathetic and heartbreaking, and finally he becomes calmer without ceasing to be touching. If we apply these gradations to feelings of a different kind, we will conceive that the resources of this kind of music have no limits other than that of genius.

The performer will not be subjected to too exact a measure: he can slow down sentences that seem pathetic, and gradually squeeze those whose intention is to animate and shake the expression. It is generally necessary that these kinds of compositions be played with a little of the disorder that the improvising artist would put there according to the only inspirations of his soul. (H. de Montgeroult)

(Bruno Robillard – 2006)

(Bruno Robillard – 2006)

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